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Jackpot 2/1/2 Head Pipe for 2009-2013 Harley Davidson Tri Glide



Jackpot Dyno Tuned Stainless Steel head pipes For 2009-2013 Tri Glide

Retail price $499.00 



Tri Glide 2/1/2 head pipe shown without heat shields

Jackpot Dyno Tuned 2/1/2 headpipes are the highest quality, best performing headpipe on the market. Designed specifically for the performance and tuning characteristics of the 96", 103" and 110" engines these 2/1/2 headpipes provide proven performance gains with a broad torque curve other pipes cannot match. 

Our headpipes feature 304 Series Stainless Steel construction throughout with precisely machined billet Stainless Steel exhaust collars for maximum sealing and engagement into the exhaust port. Painstakingly applied hand TIG welding is utilized through-out.

Dual Stainless Steel 18mm and 12mm Oxygen Sensor bungs accommodate stock O2 sensors as well as Wideband O2 sensors for closed loop tuning modules on all models. This give users a wide range of options for EFI tuners. Both 12mm and 18mm O2 sensor bung plugs are included.

Exclusive Jackpot "Tandem-Flow" large diameter merge collectors. This design allows maximum flow and convergence through the right side muffler path for maximum performance. Precise left exit spigot connects to OEM under-swingarm crossover pipe

Precisely vectored and formed CNC mandrel bent tubes assures full radius flow and exacting fitment

Heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket is utilized for securing to the OEM mounting

Designed to work with Jackpot mufflers as well as other aftermarket and OEM mufflers , retains OEM exhaust shields

Jackpot headpipes do not have a catalyst and are not emissions compliant on OEM catalyst equipped vehicles.

Tri Glide Jackpot 2/1/2 HTC Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel head pipes

Retail price $599.00

Jackpot 2/1/2 head pipes are available with an optional multi process HTC Ceramic interior/exterior coating for maximum heat reduction. This is an absolute to shelf coating and is a a proprietary offering from Fuel Moto.



This is the finest headpipe on the market for  the 2009-2013 Tri Glide with excellent performance increases and a Huge reduction of radiant and residual heat!

Fuel Moto also offers complete packages for the Jackpot 2/1/2 head pipe, Dynojet Power Vision or PC-V with our specific map, FM Stage 1 air cleaner and Jackpot Dyno Tuned mufflers, contact us for details 

Jackpot 2/1/2 head pipe without heat shield

Outlet on Tri Glide head pipe

Back side of headpipe. Note: this pipe does not yet have the 12mm O2 sensor bungs which
will be installed in the stock location

Exclusive Jackpot "Tandem Flow" collector

CNC machined billet flanges, Tig welded 18MM O2 bungs

Tig welded mounting bracket and 12MM O2 bungs

Jackpot 2/1/2 headpipe with heat shield

Dyno Charts:

2010 Harley 103" Touring:
Although we cannot put a Tri Glide on our dyno, for representation here is a dyno chart that compares the stock 2010 Ultra Limited 103" to the addition of the Jackpot 2/1/2 headpipe, Jackpot Dyno tuned mufflers, and Dynojet PC-V





2010 Harley 103" Touring:

Although we cannot put a Tri Glide on our dyno, for representation here is a dyno chart that compares the stock 2010 Ultra Limited 103" to the addition of the Jackpot 2/1/2 headpipe, everything else is stock





Install Instructions

1) Remove stock mufflers

2) Unplug factory O2 sensors from wiring harness

3) Remove right side driver floorboard











4) Remove left side rear crossover pipe











5) Loosen fastener on headpipe/transmission bracket


6) Unbolt front and rear exhaust flanges and carefully remove headpipe assembly


7) Carefully remove the OEM headpipe flanges and snap rings and install them on the new Jackpot head pipe.












8) Remove heat shield from OEM head pipe and install onto the new Jackpot head pipe. Do not tighten clamps as you will need to adjust during final installation. Make sure to rotate the clamps so the screw heads are accessible when the system is installed on the bike











9) install O2 sensors or bung plugs using a small amount of anti seize on the threads. Note the Jackpot head pipe has both 12mm and 18mm bungs which will accommodate OEM O2 sensors as well as Wideband sensors to cover all tuning platforms.


10) Inspect exhaust port gaskets, replace if necessary

11) Carefully install Jackpot head pipe into position and install exhaust flange nuts. Do not tighten

12) Align head pipe/transmission mount using OEM fasteners from stock pipe. Be sure pipe is properly aligned and tighten transmission mount and exhaust flange nuts.

13) Install OEM left crossover pipe to Jackpot head pipe with OEM clamps and brackets

14) Plug in O2 sensors if utilized

15) Carefully adjust heat shields as needed and tighten clamps

16) Re-install right side drivers floorboard

17) Install stock mufflers


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